Build a single kernel module?

darren kirby bulliver at
Wed Apr 23 22:29:35 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I recently built a custom kernel for my new FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE system, and it 
is working well. Sadly, I had to purchase and swap out a nic on this machine 
today. The new card is a D-link DGE-530T which shall work with the 'sk' 
driver. My custom kernel does not have this driver.

I wonder if I can build this single driver as a module to use with my already 
built custom kernel. The handbook mentions using MODULES_OVERRIDE: "If you 
want to update a kernel faster or to build only custom modules, you should 
edit /etc/make.conf before starting to build the kernel"

So as I understand it, if I add "MODULES_OVERRIDE = sk" to make.conf then it 
will build only the sk module? The page [0] is light on details so I am 
unsure hoe to proceed with this, ie: I just do a normal 'make installkernel' 
or some other way?

Also, I did look around, but if there are some docs that speak more clearly to 
this issue a pointer would be great.

Thanks for consideration,

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