dump never ending?

Brian McCann bjmccann at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 16:58:06 UTC 2008

I've got an issue on a new 7.0 amd64 box (first one I've setup with
amd64).  When I dump tiny file systems (24M and 12K for example), dump
runs file.  When I dump something larger (202M and 2G for example), it
hangs and stops writing.  The command I'm running is:

dump -0uan -L -f /mnt/tiw.root.dump /

It hangs weather I put in -L or not, and if I try going to a local
file system or one over NFS.  I do see the following in ps:

dump: /dev/amrd0s1a: pass 4: 80.10% done, finished in 0:00 at Wed Apr
23 11:48:28 2008 (

along with 3 other dump processes.

There's no "verbose" option for dump...so I can't quite see what's
going on.  Does anyone have any ideas on this, or has anyone seen this

Brian McCann

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