USB wireless AP?

John Nielsen lists at
Wed Apr 23 16:37:57 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 23 April 2008 11:57:28 am Ivan Voras wrote:
> I've found a perfect match for my needs: D-Link DWL-G122, with the
> "rum" driver. Not a single problem so far, everything works as
> documented. Truly a plug and play experience.
> I'm just curious about one more thing: I wish to set up a "b/g"
> network, so both b and g devices can connect. Apparently this is set up
> via the "mode" argument to ifconfig, which accepts "11g" and "11b" but
> not the obvious "11bg". Any pointers on this?

You can either omit the "mode" argument altogether and get both supported 
by default, or just specify "11g", which will also support both. I 
typically omit the mode unless I want to limit things to only 11b.


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