FreeBSD 7.0 jail and Samba 3

Nejc Škoberne nejc at
Wed Apr 23 10:16:20 UTC 2008


> This is nota n issue with samba it is a name resolve issue.

Then why is Samba replying to NetBIOS broadcasts very nicely when I put
it outside jail (with the same configuration)? As far as I understand
Samba also provides resolving - NetBIOS resolving via its nmbd.

> If you add in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts the following does all work then
> ipadress	Machine-name
> where ipadress is the ipadres of the jailed samba server and machine-name is the netbios name of the jailed server.
> If this works then you need to check your DNS server.

Okay, let me clarify all this once again: I know that this will work for me.
I also know that if I add a mapping "machine" -> "IP address" into my DNS it
will work for me. I also know that if I turn on WINS support in smb.conf and
then set up a WINS server on the Windows machine, it will work fine.

But as you probably know, there is also a "third" way of resolving names to
IP addresses - it is called NetBIOS broadcasts - from Wikipedia:

"In order to connect to a computer running TCP/IP via its NetBIOS name, the
name must be resolved to a network address. Today this is usually an IP address
(the NetBIOS name-IP address resolution is often done by either broadcasts or
a WINS Server — NetBIOS Name Server)."

So it says _either by broadcasts or a WINS Server_. I don't want to use WINS
server (or DNS server) for this, but NetBIOS broadcasts. And these broadcasts
work just fine when my Samba 3 server is not running in a FreeBSD jail. As soon
as I put it into the jail, for some reason, Samba 3 stops responding to NetBIOS

And this is what I would like to understand - why Samba 3 stops responding to
these broadcasts when it is running in a jail.


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