Any Known Issues when using both RS-232 and Native Serial Ports?

Martin McCormick martin at
Tue Apr 22 20:46:57 UTC 2008

	I just realized that I failed to mention that the third
port would be a USB converter that converts RS-232 to USB. I
sent the message before proofing thoroughly.

I write:
>We have a FreeBSD6.2 system capturing serial data on /dev/ttyd0.
>/dev/ttyd1 is currently set up for serial console use and we may
>want to add a third serial port to run yet another serial data
>capture engine.
>	Since receiving serial data is far more problematic than
>transmitting it, can anybody think of any particular problem one
>might encounter if both the data acquisition ports happened to
>be trying to receive data simultaneously?
>	The serial console port is not really an issue because
>it will be rarely ever used.
>	Thank you.
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