Having trouble getting cups working

Reid Linnemann lreid at cs.okstate.edu
Tue Apr 22 15:16:45 UTC 2008

Written by Andrew Falanga on 04/22/08 09:40>>
> HI,
> I've never actually tried to install cups before and last night decided to 
> give it a try because I was not having much success getting my printer 
> working using the handbook directions.  (I got it all setup correctly, 
> obviously something is incorrect but stay with me, and although I could get 
> stuff to print when I did 'cat <somefile> > /dev/lp0' I couldn't get anything 
> to print when I submitted to lpd.)
> So, I installed cups from ports, and setup my HP LaserJet 4+.  All seemed to 
> go well.  At first I had a problem with an error, something like "unknown 
> application/postscript."  Anyway, some digging on the internet revealed that 
> I needed ESP Ghostscript installed.  So, I got that and that error went away.  
> Now, however, I still cannot get it to print.
> When I try to submit the printer test page from the web management interface, 
> it says, "network host 'sniper' busy: will retry in X seconds."  The URI I'm 
> using for my printer is, lpd://sniper/lj4.  The printer is connected to my 
> parallel port and I think this is what I want because the other options are 
> whatever it is that cups calls JetDirect and then IPP and something else.
> Anyway, if someone could please point me in the correct direction I'd 
> appreciate it greatly.
> Thanks,
> Andy
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Your device URI should not be an lpd URI, especially since you can't
print with lpd. Use a 'parallel' URI in your case; parallel:/dev/lpt0
works for me. When you want to refer to the printer from an external
system, use ipp://hostname/printers/printername

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