cannot move geli disk from 6.3-R to 6.1-R

Dmitry Sukhodoyev raven at
Tue Apr 22 12:25:25 UTC 2008

RW wrote:
>> i try to attach geli provider, which i have used in 6.3-RELEASE to 
>> 6.1-RELEASE:
>> # geli attach -k /root/da1.key /dev/da1
>> MD5 hash mismatch for /dev/da1
>> in 6.3-R it still attaches successfully, but in 6.1-R is not. system 
>> with 6.1-R is not my own, so i can't update it. how i can attach geli 
>> provider from my 6.3-R to this 6.1-R?
> In the 7.0 source code there are two versions of the function that
> computes that hash, so I guess that 6.3 is back-compatible with
> 6.1, but that a 6.3 geli-device can't be read  by 6.1.
> If this is a removable drive that needs to inter-operate, I would
> suggest that you dump the data, and create a new geli device under 6.1.
i can modify some source of kernel of 6.1 and rebuild it for correct 
hash calculating. which source files can i import from 6.3 to 6.1 for up 
this drive? this is a huge disk: raid5 array, 3Tb data. data dump isn't 


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