Unable to Pair a BlueTooth Headset to a USB BlueTooth dongle

lmclouth lmclouth at comcast.net
Tue Apr 22 05:08:07 UTC 2008


I'm having trouble getting a BlueTooth headset paired to FreeBSD.  I  
believe that I've followed the handbook.  My headset is a BlueAnt Z9,  
and when I attempt to pair, I do not get any response out of hsecd.

Some info about my machine
TOGOTU# uname -a
FreeBSD TOGOTU 6.3-STABLE FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE #0: Fri Apr 18 21:18:49  
CDT 2008     root at TOGOTU:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/TOGOTU  amd64

Here is the process I used:
1. This Friday I upgraded my kernel to 6.3 Release.

2. Today I finished rebuilding all my ports.

3. kldload ng_ubt whose output was
kldload: Unsupported file type
I'm not so worried about this error as  this report says its a minor  
issue for amd64

4. I plugged in my USB dongle, whose output was
ubt0: vendor 0x0a12 product 0x0001, rev 2.00/31.64, addr 4
ubt0: vendor 0x0a12 product 0x0001, rev 2.00/31.64, addr 4
ubt0: Interface 0 endpoints: interrupt=0x81, bulk-in=0x82, bulk-out=0x2
ubt0: Interface 1 (alt.config 5) endpoints: isoc-in=0x83, isoc- 
out=0x3; wMaxPacketSize=49; nframes=6, buffer size=294
kldload: Unsupported file type
kldload: Unsupported file type
kldload: Unsupported file type
kldload: Unsupported file type
kldload: Unsupported file type

still not worried as a kldstat shows lots of other BlueTooth klds  
getting loaded.
TOGOTU# kldstatId Refs Address            Size     Name
1   12 0xffffffff80100000 9e9ca0   kernel
2    1 0xffffffff80aea000 5320     atapicam.ko
3    1 0xffffffff951ec000 434d     ng_ubt.ko
4    5 0xffffffff951f1000 90b2     netgraph.ko
5    4 0xffffffff951fb000 875      ng_bluetooth.ko
6    1 0xffffffff951fc000 8afd     ng_hci.ko
7    1 0xffffffff95205000 b986     ng_l2cap.ko
8    1 0xffffffff95211000 11c61    ng_btsocket.ko
9    1 0xffffffff95223000 1bed     ng_socket.ko

5. I copied over /usr/share/examples/netgraph/bluetooth/rc.bluetooth  
to /etc/rc.bluetooth

6. I then started the BlueTooth script
TOGOTU# /etc/rc.bluetooth start ubt0
BD_ADDR: 00:1b:41:00:33:bc
Features: 0xff 0xff 0x8f 0xfe 0x9b 0xf9 00 0x80
<3-Slot> <5-Slot> <Encryption> <Slot offset>
<Timing accuracy> <Switch> <Hold mode> <Sniff mode>
<Park mode> <RSSI> <Channel quality> <SCO link>
<HV2 packets> <HV3 packets> <u-law log> <A-law log> <CVSD>
<Paging scheme> <Power control> <Transparent SCO data>
Max. ACL packet size: 310 bytes
Number of ACL packets: 10Max. SCO packet size: 64 bytes
Number of SCO packets: 8

7.  To check things out I put my headset into discoverable mode and ran
TOGOTU# hccontrol -n ubt0hci inquiry
Inquiry result, num_responses=1
Inquiry result #0
	BD_ADDR: 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b
	Page Scan Rep. Mode: 0x1
	Page Scan Period Mode: 0x2
	Page Scan Mode: 00
         Class: 20:04:04
         Clock offset: 0x6c23Inquiry complete. Status: No error [00]

8. I checked the name of the device
TOGOTU# hccontrol -n ubt0hci remote_name_request 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b
BD_ADDR: 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b
Name: BlueAnt Z9 v3.3

9. I don't believe I'm going to do any point-to-multipoint scenarios  
so I skipped the next few example in the Handbook.

10.  I was able to successfully ping the device
TOGOTU# l2ping -a 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b
4 bytes from 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b seq_no=1633905441 time=992.342 ms  
4 bytes from 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b seq_no=1633905441 time=26.324 ms result=0
4 bytes from 00:1c:d8:02:92:5b seq_no=1633905441 time=28.310 ms result=0

11. Now to pairing.  Since I'm pairing a headset with a fixed pin and  
I'm initiating pairing from the FreeBSD machine (I can't initiate  
from the headset), the handlbook does not cover this scenario at  
all.  So I searched around and found this article
Which says to initiate pair with a pair of setup commands
TOGOTU# hccontrol -n ubt0hci write_authentication_enable 1
TOGOTU# hccontrol -n ubt0hci read_authentication_enable
Authentication Enable: Enabled [1]

12.  I set up the hsecd.conf file with the entry
device {
         bdaddr  00:1c:d8:02:92:5b;
         name    "BlueAnt Z9 v3.3";
         key     nokey;
         pin     "0000";

That pin code if from my headset manual.

13 and lastly the command
TOGOTU# hcsecd -d
hcsecd[1187]: Restored link key for the entry, remote bdaddr  
00:11:22:33:44:55, name 'Dummy'

and the command doesn't exit.

14.  Which isn't so good, so I further edited out all of hcsedc.conf  
and only left in the entry for the headset I want to pair.  And I got  
TOGOTU# hcsecd -d

No output at all.  And the command never exits.  And the handbook  
says that I should get some output indicating pairing.

Can anyone offer any assistance in pairing a BlueTooth headset?  What  
step am I missing? My end goal is I want to use Skype on FreeBSD with  

Thanks in advance


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