When's FreeBSD going to catch up in the world of virtualization.

Simon Chang simonychang at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 17:52:47 UTC 2008

>  Now however, I'm forced to use linux as the host OS for Vmware as there
>  currently seems to be no current support for FreeBSD as the Host OS for
>  popular VM applications.

I hear your pain.  However, VMware is a commercial company one of
whose responsibilities is their bottom line.  I have heard it said
many, many times on this and other FreeBSD discussions that, if
commercial companies hear from the end-users and system
administrators, they would pay more attention to the group in

Sadly, to date I have not seen any organized efforts to bring to
VMware's attention the mob of BSD users that are out there, despite
all the boastful talks.  You also see that there are no (host) support
for Open and Net (BSD).

OSS virtualization efforts are another story, as there is no "bottom
line" as such.  But you still need the manpower and manhours to do
complicated stuff like virtualization.


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