Filesystem full......

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Apr 21 16:10:10 UTC 2008

Leslie Jensen writes:

>  /: write failed, filesystem is full
>  install: /boot/kernel/wlan_tkip.ko.symbols: No space left on device
>  *** Error code 71
>  My question is can I get around this or have I made my / slice to
>  small?

	Yes.  :-)
	Start by cleaning up /; usually that starts with /tmp ... but
you've already got that on a separate partition,
	As for the size - the machine I'm currently on shows:

huff@> du  /boot | sort -nr | head
210558  /boot
93642   /boot/kernel
93002   /boot/kernel.old
22978   /boot/GENERIC
22      /boot/defaults
2       /boot/zfs
2       /boot/modules
2       /boot/firmware

	That's 220mb just for kernels.  There's no reason I can't
delete kernel.old or GENERIC ... but having fall-backs lets me sleep
	Add 13m for /sbin, 20m for /lib, and you're pretty much done.
	(That machine has a 500mb /.)

				Robert Huff


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