Jason Portwood jason at
Mon Apr 21 13:01:19 UTC 2008

I have an ASUS SK8N motherboard with an athlon fx-51 processor and 1GB of 
RAM with two SATA hard drives (western digital).  I think thats the nForce 
150 chipset in it.  I running FreeBSD 7.0 64bit (amd64) pretty much up 
today (a day or so behind cvs).

When I do massive amounts of activity on the drives the system will 
freeze.  No error messages reported.  I've replaced the drives thinking 
that could be the problem but I get the same results.

I've tried using dd_rescue to copy between the drives and also a test copy 
to /dev/null.  I only get freezes with no errors showing in dd_rescue 

Is this a known issue on the SK8N and SATA?  I'd still like to use the 
board so if switching to IDE is a work around I could manage that...

Thank you,

Jason Portwood
jason at

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