Changing Console Video Modes

Gonzalo Nemmi gnemmi at
Mon Apr 21 06:36:59 UTC 2008

Im not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but anyways, it is a 
pointer .. so I'm throwing it for you to decide whether it is usefull for 
your case or not:

I tried it but it didn't work in here .. 
vidcontrol complains before showing giving my a promt and all it get is a:

vidcontrol: cannot activate raster display. Inapropriate ioctl for device
vidcontrol [-CdLHPpx] [-b color] [-c appearance] [-f [size] file]
		[-g geometry] [-h size] [-i adapter | mode] [-l screen_map]
		[-M char] [-m on | off] [-r foreground background]
		[-S on | off] [-s number] [-t N | off] [mode]
		[foreground [background]] [show]

and a prompt after that =(

Anyways ... I'm still too new to FreBSD so chances are, I did something wrong.

Still .. I think that getting higher console resolutions is a topic worth 
investigating in order to get a nice res on a 1600x1200 res capable monitor
I really dont care about 1600 at all .. but iḋ like to possiblity to workn on 
a 1024x768 frame buffered console.


Gonzalo Nemmi

On Sunday 20 April 2008 23:28:46 Edward Ruggeri wrote:
> I'm just reading through the manual for FreeBSD, and I am at section
> 3.2.6 "Changing Console Video Modes."  This discusses how to change
> the default console resolution.  I would try this out, but as I can
> only access my FreeBSD box remotely at the moment, I am hesitant to
> recompile the kernel with the necessary options (I currently get an
> error when running "#vidcontrol -i mode": "getting active vty:
> Inappropriate ioctl for device".  I assume this is because the current
> kernel is insufficient?).  I'm afraid my computer might need to be
> booted by hand, which I wouldn't be able to do.
> In any case, lacking the ability to experiment, I am curious about
> different video modes.  Will greater resolutions allow me to fit more
> text on the screen in the console?  Of course I know (maybe less than
> I think) about resolution in terms of graphical environments (e.g.,
> can see more of a high-resolution image w/ a greater resolution), but
> is it the same for text?
> Thanks!
> Sincerely,
> -- Ned Ruggeri
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