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Gordon devel user0 at
Mon Apr 21 03:48:28 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 07:13:19PM -0700, Jerry Rukavina wrote:
> I can?t find any out of the box computers that have FreeBSD loaded. Do you
> know which computer manufactures, both laptop and desktop, which can run
> FreeBSD? Do you recommend any particular models or know of which ones are
> more highly regarded? What about support? I am a newbie and would need some
> handholding. I will be using the computer to run a small business and online
> research. I would need the regular suite of productivity tools, hopefully an
> open source. I would like to punt MS. Thanks.
> offers open source systems, including FreeBSD, on the box, out
of the box. (:  I have not dealt with them, so I can't relate any
experience with their performance or support, but they certainly look
worth investigating. is open source friendly, although you'll probably have to
install the software yourself. Their site only mentions Ubuntu (last I looked),
but I'm running FreeBSD on one of their machines right now. Nice machine,
and everything I need works.

You might also want to check for any screwdriver shops in your
town that could take the hardware list from and
assemble a compatible system that suites your needs.

Keep us posted.

Good luck,

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