Upgrade 5.4 to 7 ????

Bogdan Ćulibrk bc at default.co.yu
Sun Apr 20 14:18:15 UTC 2008

Fraser Tweedale wrote:
> Full backup should be considered -essential-.  You are crazy not to do
> it.  If you take the build-from-source route, upgrade to the latest
> release from each major branch before upgrading to the newer version, as
> this is the most tested upgrade path.  i.e., since you're running 5.4,
> upgrade to 5.5, then to 6.3, then to 7.0.  That is my recommendation
> anyway.

Hi there,

just wanted to bump to this and confirm from live & production example 
that this is very clean way to upgrade.
For me it was:
5.0 in startup install then 5.4, then 6.0 then 6.1, 6.2 was last 6.x, 
followed by upgrade to 7.0.

A complete rebuild order was followed thru all upgrade processes:
1. world
2. kernel (having in mind COMPAT_XY for prior major release)
3. ports

Have in mind that you will need occasional reboots between those steps 
to make sure you can identify eventual problems, so have everything 
backed up. Hot spare host with identical content worked for me, but the 
standard backup with dump(8) can work too. YMMV
Also having physical access or serial console might be very useful 
things to have if you are working on remote.

Best regards,
Bogdan Culibrk
bc at default.co.yu http://default.co.yu/~bc

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