Important Notice Royal Bank Group.

info at info at
Sun Apr 20 03:46:15 UTC 2008


   Dear Client:

   According to our computer records, we noticed recently that accesses
   their account through Bank on the Net have been made since with the
   exacting standards expected of Bank from different IP addresses.
   This probably is because the IP address of your computer is dynamic
   and changing constantly, or because you have more than one computer
   used to access your account.
   Because of this incident and in compliance with the new rules in
   force, we have updated our computer systems to provide greater
   security require that you check the activity in your account before
   March 28, 2008.
   After that date, The automated computer system will be useful for your
   account. Also, we remind you that this message is not to verify your
   account information is only to verify the activity, because we do not.
   To log into your account through Bank on the Net and verify the
   activity of the same, you must use the following link:
     To be sure of receiving the Bulletin RBC Royal Bank, add our email
             address info at, in their contact list.
   If you want to get help to carry out their banking operations, [2]See
        our demo, Or call 24 hours a day 365 days a year RBC Group.
                          By phone 1 800 769-2555.

  is operated by Royal Bank of Canada. 

                    © Royal Bank of Canada 1995 - 2008.


   2. javascript:ol('');

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