Support for Stallion Serial Controllers in FreeBSD 7

David Robillard david.robillard at
Fri Apr 18 19:59:28 UTC 2008

> From some reading I have been doing including here:
> <>
> ...I have been given to understand that FreeBSD supports Stallion multiport
> serial cards, provided that I enable it in the kernel.
> However, the link in the document above to stl comes up with nothing,
> I can find no other references doing a site search and doing:
> grep -r -i stallion *

We still have an old FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p26 machine lying around
only because it's using those Stallion multiport serial cards. It's
working, but it's quite annoying to keep such an old FreeBSD version
online. We had to isolate this machine into it's own network DMZ since
version 4.11 isn't covered by the FreeBSD Security team.

To get around this problem, we recently built another console server
with a Digi Digiboard PCI PC/Xem card on FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p12. It's
working great, so we're going to ditch the old Stallion cards. Unless
of course someone ports the stl(4) driver to FreeBSD 7.x

If you'd like to read the documentation on how I've setup the console
server with both the Digi board and the Stallion cards, check


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