Support for Stallion Serial Controllers in FreeBSD 7

Matthew Smith matt at
Fri Apr 18 04:29:01 UTC 2008


 From some reading I have been doing including here:

...I have been given to understand that FreeBSD supports Stallion 
multiport serial cards, provided that I enable it in the kernel.

However, the link in the document above to stl comes up with nothing, I 
can find no other references doing a site search and doing:

grep -r -i stallion * /usr/src/sys, nothing comes up.  Admittedly, I did run this on a 
Sparc64 machine so maybe it's missing from there, but am puzzled as to 
why I can only find that one reference on the entire site, and that 
includes searching the general and hardware list archives.

Is this support now incorporated into something else?  I know that 
nothing comes up in dmesg, although as I said before, this is a Sparc64 
machine which maybe lacks those kernel components.



Matthew Smith
Smiffytech - Technology Consulting & Web Application Development

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