Username & groups

Ruel Luchavez ruel.freebsd at
Thu Apr 17 10:20:01 UTC 2008


Can you help me on this...
I have a directory in the server this is what is looks like
     drwxrwx--- 12 root plusmate 512 April 13 14:46 plusmate shared
...this directory is shared in my network, and i dont recieve any complain
in any user which can acces to that folder/directory

*My Problem:*
I have a new user, i already add the user in the server using command
"adduser" and "pw" to modify it, by the way the name of user is ac06...
when i had a command "id -p ac06" this is the reply of the server..
   uid      ac06
   group   plusmate
and which im sure its correct..

BUT, when that user acces(ac06)  the folder (plusmate shared) throug the
windows (windows XP) its always asking for username & password, however it
didn't ask for username & password while the other users getting to that

Where should be the problem?is there something i forgot configuring in the
server side?


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