FreeBSD installation on AMD64

sergio lenzi lenzi at
Wed Apr 16 17:20:39 UTC 2008

I use an ACER notebook 5050 with 2 partitions (one i386, and other
the amd64 is faster,  the software is very stable, and everything

I do not use the sleep mode, the freebsd kernel keeps the processor
halted when not
in use, so the battery lasts longer, and the boot (total boot is less
than 30 seconds...)
to have the gnome 2.22 up and ready... with all I need in my working day
emai, multimedia, games...., software develop, voip,  phone calls...
and internet) 

This weekend I will format the i386 partition and install amd64 over
it ..  I am very satisfied
with the amd64 of FreeBSD, indeed is now working in all 6 notebooks if
the family (brothers,
sons, daughters...) The only "slow"  thing we have was the evolution (in
gnome) now it
is as faster as other applications in the computer....


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