How to switch scheduler on 7.0?

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Apr 16 17:04:06 UTC 2008

At 11:48 AM 4/16/2008, Daniel Tourde wrote:
>Hi Robert,
>The expression "terrible performances" was maybe not the best way to express
>myself. My intentions were not to step on anyone's toe or being nasty. Sorry
>about that.
>To describe things shortly, the problem is responsiveness. I have been 
>FreeBSD since 4.7 and never experienced what I am experiencing now:
>- Bad responsiveness of the desktop
>- Temporary freeze (10 to 30s)
>- Slow mouse (and not a very smooth movement, a kind of 'step by step')
>                         Daniel
> > >  >  I would like to switch scheduler on my FreeBSD 7.0 box but I don't
> > >  >  know how todo that.
> > >
> > >  You will want to use options SCHED_ULE instead of SCHED_4BSD in your
> > >  kernel config.
> >
> >       Am I correct in remembering SCHED_ULE /is/ the default for 7.0+?
> >       If this is true, and you (the OP) do not need the machine for
> > production, there are people who would be interested in hearing
> > about your problems - especially if you are prepared to define (and
> > document) "terrible performace" and help diagnosing the issue.
> >
> >
> >                               Robert Huff

It may be the X drivers you are using.  X is a bit goofed up in the latest 
version running on 7, and the drivers seem to create interrupt storms that 
tie up a system.

You may want to test in X and not in X performance.


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