Using flags with portinstall of apache?

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Apr 16 15:17:34 UTC 2008

At 10:09 AM 4/16/2008, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:
>Im having trouble doing a simple Apache22 install.
>I first installed it just using "portinstall apache".
>Then i saw that i needed to specify "flags" during hte
>process, to get the modules i wan't, but i cant figure
>out how to do it.
>I first did a pkg_delete of apache to start over from
>Then i tried to add the flags i wanted:
># portinstall -m "WITH_PROXY_MODULES=yes
>WITH_SSL_MODULES=yes" apache
>But this didnt work--it didnt build the proxy modules.
>I tried again putting those flags in /etc/make.conf
>but its STILL not building the proxy modules.
>How am I supposted to do this?!?

If you want SSL, you need to install that port first.  Also be sure you 
close your double quotes.


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