How to switch scheduler on 7.0?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Wed Apr 16 12:46:00 UTC 2008

Stanislav Antic writes:

>  >        ULE has substantial improvements over BSD for multiprocessor
>  > hardware.
>  >
>  Does ULE works better on a single CPU machines?

	I an not an expert; however, based on material reported here:
	In terms of perforance, ULE and BSD are equivalent on UP
machines - BSD works better in some cases, ULE in others.  If I had
to put money down, I'd give a very slight advantage to ULE.
	Measured by stability, ULE is a moderate win.
	Absent specific cases to the contrary, one reason to go with
ULE is that it where future development is focused.  That's not to
say BSD is being kicked off the train, exactly, just that it won't
be the target for the latest and greatest.

	More qualified voices will please tell what I have remembered

				Robert Huff

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