Copy-paste is broken in KDE?

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Wed Apr 16 08:26:54 UTC 2008


could it be that you mix up the concepts behind copy and paste and the 
currently selected to be copied into the current windows with the click 
of the middle mouse button?


Yuri wrote:
> I am seeing occasionally that selected text isn't being copied into the 
> clipboard and isn't available for subsequent paste (with the middle 
> mouse button).
> In most cases it works, maybe in <1% cases it doesn't,  still enough to 
> make it annoying.
> Also for example I am not able to copy the selected text in the 
> previously sent message in skype- (Linux app) to the clipboard 
> and paste it to thunderbird.
> But if I first paste it to the shell window and copy again it then 
> pastes to thunderbird ok.
> Anybody observes these kind of copy-paste problems?
> Are they known issues?
> I am using KDE 3.5.8 and FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE
> Yuri
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