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most wanted levarmorris at
Tue Apr 15 03:43:05 UTC 2008

   I've been using Diigo and thought you might like to try it out. Here's
   an invitation to create an account and connect with me on Diigo.

   [1]most wanted (levarmorris at is a member of Diigo and would
   like to send you an invitation.

   To accept this invitation and register for your free account, please
   click and visit [2]Create Account

   If you haven't already heard about Diigo, you can view a short
   [3]introductory video here. As you will see, Diigo is both a powerful
   research tool and a knowledge-sharing community that allows you:

   - to add highlights and sticky notes on any web pages, just as you can
   on books!
   - to create and organize your personal digest of the web, and access
   and search it from anywhere.
   - to create groups for collaborative research.
   - to keep in touch with friends effortlessly and non-intrusively by
   sharing contents.
   - to connect with others based on shared content and interests.
   - to discover quality resources on any subject or get personalized

   We're still working every day to improve Diigo. We hope you'll like
   Diigo. We do. And, it's only going to get better!


   The Diigo Team

   If clicking the URLs in this message does not work, copy and paste the
   following link into the address bar of your browser:



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