Go EvO

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Tue Apr 15 00:23:10 UTC 2008


	there's just something about kmail/kontact that grabs me the
	wrong way.  on my ubuntu server where gnome is my wm, i use 
	BOTH KDE and GNome, and use evo....    [gnome is my default]
	here on my primary computer i chose kde.  i know the 2 are
	inter-operable, but i can't seem to add evolution to my top/button
	bar--nor even the middle part of the screen.  i think i've
	fingured out how to get a gnome-settings-daemon running; still 
	not sure thar ALL things-gnome fly.  

	if i do use evo, how can i get it to exec konqueror as my default
	browser?  konq has the festival tts tools and helps me grind thru
	billions-and-billions of lines of deep/technical stuff... 

	thanks much for any help; either onlist or off.


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