Interrupt storm with 7.0

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Mon Apr 14 10:00:24 UTC 2008

> Subject: Re: Interrupt storm with 7.0
> On Sunday 13 April 2008 14:41:51 lysergius2001 wrote:
> > Recently installed 7.0-RELEASE on an i386 as upgrade from 6.3-RELEASE and
> > now have a continuous interrupt storm on IRQ17.  This is a shared IRQ for
> > ath0 and echi0.  Never saw this on 6.3??? Any suggestions?  
> I've seen something similar on an old dell laptop, on 6.3. It would cause an 
> interrupt storm when it got disconnected by the hostap for beacon misses. ath 
> driver as well, not sure what it shared it with.
> Unfortunately, I never got around to reporting it and the machine has been 
> destroyed by little mongrols, I mean the sweet boys.
> I know this doesn't help you, but at least you know that there is 'something' 
> with the ath driver that can cause interrupt storms.

Had the same problem by upgrading from FBSD-6.3 to FBSD-7.0 right up start.

I think it got some thing to do with "device cpufreq" and shared IRQ !
I had a IRQ-storm on IRQ-10, but my iwi0 need it.

well to solved the problem temporally I did compile my kernel without "device cpufreq" as I had on
FBSD-6.3, but the down side is that my 1.8Ghz Laptop will only run very very slow with 0.228Ghz...
after that (ONLY on FBSD-7.0)

at the end I just removed the other PCMCIA card (a Sierra Wireless) which using IRQ-10 too, but is
in no function on FreeBSD any way.
after that I compiled the kernel with "device cpufreq" and I'm up o 1.8GHz without IRQ-storm again.

I know this is not a finally solution, but I think we have to wait for FBSD-7.1 or higher to brush
out all this little faults. I had a similarly problem when I was updating from FBSD-5.4 to FBSD-6.0
with the iwi0 driver, lots of IRQ-storms, had some thing to do with "device cpufreq" and ACPI that
time too !

hope this will go away in future.
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