DHCP problem.Help please

Ruel Luchavez ruel.freebsd at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 06:43:35 UTC 2008


I hope some one will me on my problem.
My friends has and existing DHCP server and squid proxy server running both
in freebsd.We purchased a new desktop PC, we gave it a permanent IP using
the DHCP server and we edit the config file in "/usr/local/etc/dhcp.conf" we
add this at the bottom

host test {
  hardware ethernet 00:1d:27:64:e1:af; [this is the physical address of new
  fixed address;

But as we "ipconfig" the new PC the IP is still the same?
Is there something i forgot to configure?

PLEASE HELP here...thanks in adnvanced

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