Milters or SpamAssassin plugings

Derek Ragona derek at
Fri Apr 11 22:26:47 UTC 2008

At 05:04 PM 4/11/2008, Robert Davison wrote:
>Thanks, but that was not exactly what I was asking.
>I know I can configure it in MailScanner, but - which is the best way of 
>doing it. Through Sendmail as a milter or the p5-mail-SPF plugin ??
>Derek Ragona <derek at> wrote:   At 04:10 PM 
>4/11/2008, Robert Davison wrote:
>  I'm running the base Sendmail with Mailscanner and SpamAssassin from the 
> ports.
>  A simple question....
>  I'm installing SPF to help the fight against spam.
>  Which is the most efficient way of doing it.....Sendmail milter or the 
> p5-Mail SpamAssassin plug-in. They both do the same, but is one a better 
> way than the other ?
>  If you have Mailscanner and spamassasin installed you just need to 
> configure mailscanner.  Check the setting in MailScanner.conf located in:
>  /usr/local/etc/MailScanner
>          -Derek

Sendmail has milter built-in to it for some time.  All the mail scanning 
tools need milter.

The easy way to configure these tools is to configure MailScanner.  It sits 
at the top of the tree so to speak, depending on whatever AV you configure 
it to use, and MailScanner uses spamassasin and many perl libraries.

You can see all the dependencies if you do:
make depends
on the mailscanner port.

You will need to configure your AV to get updates.  Also you may want 
to  setup some of the rules files for mailscanner for whitelisting, 
blacklisting, and phishing.

One last note, don't bounce spam.  If you choose to bounce spam, as most 
has wrong return addresses you can start your own mail storm of rejected 
bounces.  A mail storm like that will easily bring down an email server.


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