Apache - warnings in httpd-error.log about duplicate definitions

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd at milibyte.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 12:01:48 UTC 2008

On Friday 11 April 2008, Mel wrote:

> On Friday 11 April 2008 12:52:56 Mike Clarke wrote:
> > Every time I start up Apache (1.3.41) on my 6.3 system I get lots
> > of warnings in httpd-error.log about duplicate definitions of
> > constants and functions.


> So...
> How did you get php4 and php5 to install simultaniously?

Oops, I really should have spotted that. The php5 packages crept in some 
time ago when I tried upgrading Apache to 2.x. The Apache upgrade ran 
into problems so I backed it out but somehow missed a few php5 
packages, they must have just sat there having no effect until Apache 
got rebuilt in the later portupgrade.

I've now deinstalled the php5 packages and that's fixed it. Thanks for 
pointing it out to me

Mike Clarke

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