Adobe Flash Player Petition

perryh at perryh at
Fri Apr 11 04:24:40 UTC 2008

> >  Where do such articles go for FreeBSD? ... I can make
> >  a website on my server for it, but it seems to be a
> >  kind of overkill, for just such installing sequence..
> 	If you have things working for Flash 9, enough people
> /will/ be interested this is not overkill.
> 	My suggestion:
> 	1) create a web page; present the steps (with commentary
> is appropriate) in an easily readable format; _date the page_.
> 	2) post the URL to questions@, ports@, and possibly www@ and
> multimedia@ in separate posts.  Make the subject line something
> relevant - this is not about "Adobe Flash Player Petition".

and/or send a PR, including the content (not just the URL), to have
it added to the Handbook or the FAQ.  That way, even if the website
goes away before a doc committer gets to it, it's archived in the
PR database.

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