Pine and IMAP

Chris Maness chris at
Thu Apr 10 21:59:55 UTC 2008

I have been using a local pine client in conjunction with IMAP for
> years without issues.  However, recently, it looks like when pine
> moves mail to the mbox file, it hoses up my ability to use my imap
> clients.  Has something changed so that I cannot use pine as a local
> client?  It looks like I might be able to use pine through IMAP ok,
> but not like I used to.

If you have a file called mbox in your home directory, pine will move
the contents of your inbox there and treat the file as your inbox -
the point is to avoid having large amounts of mail in a local spool
directory. I presume that by "hoses up my ability to use my imap
clients" you are just referring to the fact that pine has moved the mail

If you move the mail out of your pine inbox, you can then remove the
empty file. Pine doesn't create this file by default, it was probably
put there by another client - I have seen mutt do this.

Yep, the old UNIX mail client generated the box years ago.  The IMAP daemon also recognizes this file as the inbox once it is created.  However, now it serves the index, but when I try to open one of the e-mail with an IMAP client it chokes out.

I have stopped using pine as a "movemail" type of client and set it up to do IMAP too.

However, as you mention, it leaves the inbox on the spool (I don't like this for obvious reasons).  I am just wondering what changed to cause me to not be able to use pine in this manor any longer.

Chris Maness

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