Release Build

Subhro subhro.kar at
Thu Apr 10 15:44:20 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a customized release build. The idea is to have
a NFS export which can be used during installation over the network.
My build box is running the same version of BSD(6.2) as the NFS export
I intend to create. So instead of mirroring the cvs repository
(bandwidth woes :-S) I am using /usr/src.

I have built the release using

make release CHROOTDIR=/tmp/release BUILDNAME=FreeBSD-custom-6.2
-march=prescott' KERNEL_FLAGS='-j16 -march=prescott' -DNOPORTS -DNODOC

This had completed successfully with my newly built release in
/tmp/release/R/. The next thing I did was to export the disc1 folder
inside cdrom over NFS and try to boot over the network. I have checked
that my netboot works using a CDROM as a NFS export. This time it
locks up with Extracting packages.

Any clues about where I should start looking??


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