7.0R && freemind 0.8.1 crashes randomly

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Thu Apr 10 09:50:23 UTC 2008

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> Ivan Voras wrote:
>> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>>> What do you expect is wrong with the 6.x jdk running under
>>> compatibility?
>> I don't expect it, I'm talking from personal experience (confirmed by
>> occasional reports on mailing lists).
> Fine, so in your personal experience, what is the problem?  "Just like
> with ZFS", bug reports that do not contain sufficient details are useless.
> It's sort of tiresome to keep receiving these vague complaints wrapped
> up in insinuations from someone with sufficient development experience
> to do better.

You're right, sorry about that. The thing is that I sometimes get
carried away and try to use new shiny things in production, where I
can't spend downtime debugging problems that, in theory, shouldn't
exist. That's why my reports are sometimes (though not always - I've
sent a lot of tracebacks and offered many kernel core dumps for ZFS) are
vague. I find that many of the problems I encountered are difficult to
reproduce in controlled environment.

Yes, ZFS was always tagged experimental, and strictly speaking I really
shouldn't use java on 7.0 at all since there are no Sun-blessed
binaries. Though I think that as an early adopter my reports at least
showed future users what *not* to do :)

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