Question on Hardware support

dick rhomp2002 at
Thu Apr 10 05:56:11 UTC 2008

I am trying to find the hardware support list for the releases and have 
been unsuccessful.  Any ideas where to look for this?

My reason is that I have a new computer with the ASUS motherboard in an 
Intel Core2 Duo configuration.  This board has an ATTANSIC Technology 
Corp. L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter on it which apparently is fairly new 
and may not be supported.  I have found with Linux that the Debian 
distros, the Gentoo distros and the SUSE distros all support this 
(Ubuntu, Mepis, Open SUSE, Sabayon, OpenGEU) while the Slackware ones 
will in the next release.  I would like to use the BSD release if it can 
support this ethernet adapter but the older PC-BSD did not.  Is there a 
release that does include this ethernet device?  I have been looking for 
something that lists the hardware supported and I keep running into 
something that says check the release to see the hardware support info 
but so far all I find is that notice.  I don't find the hardware support 
list anywhere.


Dick Thompson
rhomp2002 at

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