Setting CPUTYPE and CFLAGS in make.conf

RW fbsd06 at
Wed Apr 9 19:52:38 UTC 2008

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008 11:35:51 -0700
"David Allen" <the.real.david.allen at> wrote:

> Thank you for your reply.   It's starting to make a lot more sense.
> Just to confirm, then, if there's no CPUTYPE set,  I can then set up
> a build server on an Opteron box, for example, to build world, kernel
> and ports binaries that can then be installed on my Thinkpad or
> a PIII box?


is a good choice for mainstream i386 processors since it's the common
ancestor of the Athlon and modern Pentium series - the exceptions are
some of the low-power cpus for small form-factor motherboards. The
default is i486, which should handle anything.

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