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Roland Smith rsmith at
Wed Apr 9 16:16:48 UTC 2008

On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 11:11:13AM +0800, Ruel Luchavez wrote:
> Hello again...
> Guys could you teach me how to transfer files from server, I have back up my
> files & i want
> to transfer the back up files folder in my DVD CD to avoid disk consumption.

For making backups to DVD you need growisofs(1). This is part of the
sysutils/dvd+rw-tools port, which you'll need to install.

You will also need to configure your kernel to use SCSI emulation for
the DVD device. This is documented on my FreeBSD page;

Using growisofs is relatively simple. Read the manual page. The hard
part is to make sure that whatever you burn isn't larger than a
DVD. Depending on data size you'll have to spread the data to several DVDs.

If you have a lot of data, using DVDs is impractical.

What I would recommend is to buy a large harddisk with a USB connection
and use that to store your backups. Make your backups with the dump(8)
command, and compress the dump using gzip(1). E.g. to dump the root

dump -0 -a -C 8 -h 0 -L -u -f - / |gzip >/where/to/put/root-0-20080409.gz

Remember to set the 'nodump' flag (with chflags(1)) on all directories
that don't need to be backed up. Good examples are /usr/ports and
/usr/obj, and all /*/tmp directories.

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