Server build config, what would you do?

Eric Zimmerman heli at
Wed Apr 9 14:36:53 UTC 2008


Can anyone recommend a solid motherboard for building a BSD server 
around? I would like at least a Core2Duo CPU, but would consider Xeon 
(single or dual CPU boards are fine).

The server will be for file storage and general services like email, 
apache, etc.  Not a ton of volume for either

I plan to use a 3-Ware or Areca controller (4 port). Does one of those 
work better than the other? I have had pretty good luck with some 3-Ware 
cards so far with FreeBSD, but have heard good things about the Areca 
cards too.

Heck, while we are at it, can anyone recommend some decent internal SATA 
enclosures with 5 or so slots?

Thank you for your time,


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