my webserver suddenly crash

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Wed Apr 9 13:45:36 UTC 2008

Satria Bramana wrote:
> greetings..
> my webhosting server suddenly crash and showing this in /var/log/messages :
>     Apr  9 11:37:52 hosting kernel: swap_pager_getswapspace(10): failed
> i'm using a monitoring software and i found that the usage of my swap space only about 1% of my total swap space at the time before my server crashed..
> i couldn't think of anything that may caused this trouble..
> can anyone help me?
> thank you very much everybody..

Strange. First thing you should do is check if what you said about swap
usage is really as it is. Maybe something suddenly used a lot of memory
and your monitoring software couldn't detect such spikes. You should
report the version and details of the operating system you use.

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