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Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Wed Apr 9 02:31:06 UTC 2008

Jim Stapleton wrote:
> I have something I'd like to add to ports eventually, but it isn't
> read yet. I was wondering what the preferred method of requesting
> users take a peek at it and tell me what they think/want.

Normally I would agree with everyone that says to ask on -ports@ but 
this fits extremely well with what is generally refered to as ports 2.0 
(different names are used by different members of the loose community 
working on it, I have CC'ed everyone else so you know who they are).
> The actual software would go under ports-mgmt, and has the main
> functionality intended. The actuall set of programs is called 'virtual
> ports', and it allows a keyword and virtual directory indexing of the
> ports tree. The goal is to allow people to play around with different
> designs of the ports tree without having to change the system ports
> tree - preventing breakage in programs, and giving both the users and
> maintainers of the ports tree more flexibility in organization.

I don't know if this fits 100% what Ale calls virtual ports (see but it very close to the image I have 
for them (we need to know more details of course).   I am going to 
forward you some stuff so you can have a better idea of where the ports 
2.0 are heading.   Also keep in mind that at the very least I will 
likely want to look at your stuff in extreme detail because something 
like this is a natural extension of the SoC project I am awaiting 
approval on.
> Should I post the tbz file on my web server, and post a link on a
> mailing list, or post the copied/pasted shar to the mailing list
> (466kb, so I'm guessing /no/ to that one).
> Should I post here or to -ports?

There are some historical/political reasons why you should have a small 
group look at it before you post the code to -ports@ (see the references 
I am sending you)
> Thanks,
> -Jim Stapleton
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