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This One Time, at Band Camp, Erik Osterholm <freebsd-lists-erik at> said, On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 07:52:17PM -0500:
> On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 12:00:05AM +0200, Wael Nasreddine wrote:

> The common way for a user to run a program at startup is to use cron
> with the special @reboot directive instead of giving it a time to run
> a job.

Thank you for pointing that out, could you please give me an example I
haven't found on that page...

> If you have used jexec to get into the jail, then you won't have a pty
> within the jail, and anything which relies on one will fail to
> execute.  Start up sshd in the jail, then ssh to it and see if you can
> attach the screen.
Thanks that worked fine...

> Erik

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