A silent UPS - (A little OT, I know...)

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Tue Apr 8 22:02:42 UTC 2008

Da Rock wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-04-08 at 23:45 +0200, Erik Cederstrand wrote:
>> Da Rock wrote:
>>> This may sound like a strange question, but is there a way to mute the
>>> voice box of a UPS? I have a highly specialised application for one- I
>>> need a mobile desktop pc (very cheap). I need to setup a pc for my
>>> little girl so that she has music, video, and visualisations while she's
>>> in her cot- which is mobile and moved from room to room. So I don't want
>>> to shutdown the pc when in transit, and I certainly don't want any
>>> shrieks when I unplug the power...
>> Just crack open the UPS box and cut the wires to the loudspeaker :-)
> I thought of that- but how do you do that with those little sealed
> units? I'm looking at a small consumer unit around 500-700VA.
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I've got a couple of cheap APC models (RS500). You can turn off all 
their alert signals using the apcupsd ( sysutils/apcupsd)  program ( 
which is of course used for automatic shutdowns). The setting is stored 
in UPS memory (probably flash or EEPROM) and is retained. This is good 
actually, since one of these is pretty close to my bedroom ;)

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