Why are some linux users saying that FreeBSD is dying

E. J. Cerejo ejcerejo at optonline.net
Tue Apr 8 21:55:48 UTC 2008

Pollywog wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 April 2008 21:32:01 E. J. Cerejo wrote:
>> "FreeBSD is a dying OS because netcraft.com confirms it" that's the
>> argument used some of these guys, and I'm wondering what data are they
>> using to make their point!  Even netcraft is running FreeBSD and the
>> uptimes section I can see quite a few running FreeBSD and not one linux!
>> Is the data from netcraft reliable?
> I think perhaps the Linux users who say those things are just trying to get 
> people to use Linux, for political reasons and not because Linux is 
> necessarily "better".

I'm trying to find out what they are looking at in netcraft that can 
possibly prove their point.

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