requesting 'QA' assistance

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Tue Apr 8 19:29:06 UTC 2008

I have something I'd like to add to ports eventually, but it isn't
read yet. I was wondering what the preferred method of requesting
users take a peek at it and tell me what they think/want.

The actual software would go under ports-mgmt, and has the main
functionality intended. The actuall set of programs is called 'virtual
ports', and it allows a keyword and virtual directory indexing of the
ports tree. The goal is to allow people to play around with different
designs of the ports tree without having to change the system ports
tree - preventing breakage in programs, and giving both the users and
maintainers of the ports tree more flexibility in organization.

Should I post the tbz file on my web server, and post a link on a
mailing list, or post the copied/pasted shar to the mailing list
(466kb, so I'm guessing /no/ to that one).

Should I post here or to -ports?

-Jim Stapleton

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