network configuration problem

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Tue Apr 8 12:26:04 UTC 2008

> I've bought a router/gateway from my provider (Telekom/T-Online)
> which is called "Speedport W 502V Typ A" an has the ip address
>; it is connectet to an ethernet card (rl0). is in a different network than Your 
gateway and your workstation will not be able to communicate with one 

> Then I assigned an address (e. g. to the ethernet card
> with the help of

> and made it the default route:
>     route add default

You essentially gave yourself an address outside of the gateways LAN 
address scope, and then proceeded to route all unknown traffic to yourself.

You probably want:

# ifconfig rl0


# route add default

Then, for name resolution:

# echo "nameserver ip.of.isp.dns" >> /etc/resolv.conf



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