Question regarding mail and dns server on Alix/Soekris?

David Duong dduong at
Tue Apr 8 03:56:55 UTC 2008

Hello everyone!

I'm planning to redoing my home network.  I currently have one server 
(Opteron 170) that is currently a NAS, Email, and DNS server (btw, the 
main OS is FreeBSD).  I was thinking of purchasing an Alix2c3/Soekris 
5501 and use it as a Email + DNS server.  Then dedicate my main server 
as a FreeBSD NFS server.

My question is, has anyone installed a mail + DNS server on a 
ALIX/Soekris PC?  If so, is it able to handle the load?

I'm currently subscribed to a lot of mailing lists (Linux 
kernel,FreeBSD, etc)

Thanks everyone!


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