Problem In Saving "inted.conf" .

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Mon Apr 7 21:17:41 UTC 2008

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 11:01:18AM -0700, behnam zahabi wrote:

> Hello
> I have this problem:
> When i make change in ''inted.conf'' (delete ''#'' ) i can't save this 
> file (when i want to save, it say unable to create file).
>   I think it happens because this file is read only, how can i disable this?
>   How can i solve this problem.
> Please answer me , it is so important to me.

First, I think the file name you want is 'inetd.conf', not 'inted.conf'

But, the reason you cannot write it is most likely that you are trying
to do it as a user other than root.   You have to be root to write to it.

There is a lot of documentation about using a root account.   
You may have created a password for a root account when you installed
the system.  If not, then there is documentaiton on how to reboot to
single user mode and do it from there.

You should never log in as root from another machine.
First ssh in with your non-root account so you are using an 
encrypted transmission and then use su to gain root status.

That is all well documented and has been discussed on the questions
list many times.   So, a check of the archives will also get you the


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