restore various level dump files

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Apr 7 13:34:51 UTC 2008

"C Thala" <cthala at> writes:

> If i have 3 dump(1)-files from a filesystem and restore them via
> restore -i -f dump-file, how do I layer them together?
> That is, how do I tell restore that I want to restore a level 0, 1, and 2?
> Do I run "restore -i -f dump-0" and then "restore -i -f dump-1" and
> then "restore -i -f dump-2" in that order?
> Is there some way I can tell restore that more than one level is available?
> "restore -i -f dump-0 -f dump-1 -f dump-2" doesn't work.
> If I restore a level 0 and then a level 1, will the level 1 delete
> files that were removed when the level 1 was taking (like rsync -a
> --delete) or do I get a bunch of stale files lying around?

In interactive mode, you are in control of what gets restored, so
stale files can definitely get left behind.  If you want to take full
advantage of backup levels, you're best off doing a full restore on a
pristine filesystem, then working with that.

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