finding BSD Unix users

Predrag Punosevac punosevac at
Sun Apr 6 20:21:38 UTC 2008

Chad Perrin wrote:
> My area (northern Colorado) has an excellent Linux Users Group (NCLUG).
> There's a great bunch of guys there.  Unfortunately, they're very
> Linux-centric.  I'm kinda the resident BSD Unix heretic -- which is fine
> most of the time, but once in a while I'd like to be able to discuss
> stuff with people who primarily use BSD Unix systems instead of
> Linux-based systems.
> Unfortunately, there isn't a single Colorado BSD Users Group in Colorado
> that I can find.  The closest I've been able to find mention of online at
> all is Laramie, Wyoming -- LWFUG, or "Laramie, Wyoming Freenix Users
> Group".  Their website seems to have become a domain squatter's portal
> site, though.
> So . . . does anyone here have any suggestions for how I might go about
> finding BSD Unix users somewhat local to me?  Since there isn't a group
> already that I can find, I wonder if there are enough people interested
> in such a thing in this area to build a users group.  Any suggestions for
> how to go about finding fellow BSD Unix users in my area would be
> appreciated, I'm sure.

I would put an add in the local newspaper and ask if there are any BSD 
users around.
That is exactly how the Tucson Free Unix Group started  a  decade  ago.
Unfortunately since then  TFUG  has  become  increasingly dominated by 
Linux users and Windows converts
(who maybe run Ubuntu on a small partition or via VMware).

As in your case that was fine for a while but at some point it became 
increasingly difficult for both sides to tolerate
each other so I voluntarily  sized  all my  activity  in  the  group.  
The timing coincide with my decision to switch to OpenBSD:-) I  do know  
of  two  other BSD users on TFUG (one NetBSD and another younger member 
is using FreeBSD) as well as few Solaris users  but I didn't stay in 
touch with them.


P. S. There is a very strong local BSD group in Phoenix but they are 
much to far away from Tucson that I could participate in their activity.

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