FReeBSD on IBM Blade Servers

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Sun Apr 6 13:06:29 UTC 2008

Maximillian Dornseif wrote:
> What is the status of FreeBSD on the different flavours of the IBM Blade
> Servers.
> I found some postings from 2005 statings that there were serious issues.
> Is this still true?
> Somebody using FreeBSD & IBM Blade hardware in production?

The posts you saw were maybe mine: I have one such system: 6-STABLE on 
LS21, Opteron. You need to run at least FreeBSD 6.3 to support the 
network controller and possibly the QLogic FC controller. The only 
serious issue might be umass (compile it out from the kernel once you 
install the system, otherwise the boot process will wait a long time). I 
still didn't try 7.0-RELEASE on it so it might not work. Otherwise, the 
machine is working and is very solid - no problems at all once the 
installation and configuration is done.

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