filesystem full after many mmap/munmap cycles

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Apr 6 06:35:38 UTC 2008

> I have an app server that uses mmap a lot.  After running a long batch
> (four hours, 5,100+ transactions), I got the message filesystem full
> (/usr--ufs, local, soft-updates).  df -i says plenty of space.
> I restarted the batch process, and watched app server process
> carefully with fstat -p, and it looks to be behaving responsibly.  The
> open file list is short, and when I looked up the file names by inum,
> they were correct.
> Each transaction does a mmap/munap cycle with a (big ?) file (79M),
> then copies another smaller file, using mmap to do the copy.  fwrite
> failed on the copy operation; FreeBSD said no space.  (When fwrite
> failed, I called abort, so I have a core and can see where it
> happened.)

probably the program doesn't unmap/close files that it deletes.

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